Samuel Green Electrical GDPR Statement.

Policies and Practices -

Incorporating Privacy Policy and Fair Processing Notice. Updated January 2020.

What rights do individuals have?

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Individuals have the right to a copy of all data held about them. This must be provided within one month of the request.

Individuals have the right to have inaccurate data corrected.

Individuals have the right to have all the data held about them deleted. Please be aware that requesting this will make it impossible to honour any express or implied warrantees and inform the data owner of recall notices affecting them etc, as no records will be held of the work done. Further, in the event that a customer requests that all their data be deleted, no liability whatsoever will be accepted on the part of Samuel Green regarding any works done for this customer under any circumstances before the date of the request. This is because Samuel Green will not have any record of such works, and the only option will be to act as if the works did not take place. In certain circumstances some data may not be deleted due to other legal requirements, such as records of financial transactions for tax purposes.

Individuals have the right to be informed of a serious data breach that may cause them harm

Individuals have the right to report suspected non-compliances with the GDPR to the Information Commissioner's Office.

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