Samuel Green Electrical GDPR Statement.

Policies and Practices -

Incorporating Privacy Policy and Fair Processing Notice. Updated January 2020.

What types of data do I hold, why and for how long?

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- Names, addresses and contact details including telephone numbers and email addresses. These are kept initially to allow the requested services to be provided / terms of contract to be met. This includes communicating with customers and issuing invoices and certificates etc. They may be kept for up to twelve years to allow contact to be made if, for example a product supplied is subject to a recall. Where a quote is issued after the introduction of GDPR and the contract is not awarded, data will normally be destroyed within 12 months. During this time, the customer may contacted no more than four times to provide the quote and relevant suggestions and offers.

- Details of electrical installations, for example Electrical Installation Certificates, to be kept for up to twelve years to facilitate future maintenance.

- Details of work carried out, to be kept for up to twelve years in case of warrantee claims or other liability issues arising.

- Details of financial transactions to be kept for up to five years in order to comply with tax laws. Note that as records of work done are kept in the form of invoices and receipts, and these also contain records of financial transactions, records of financial transactions may in practice be kept for up to twelve years. Records of financial transactions on bank statements may be kept indefinitely for personal use.

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